What You Need To Know About Roof Repairs

The main area of consideration when inspecting a roof for damage is telling the difference between an aging roof and a damaged roof – and roofing contractors are the best ones to consult. It is possible for the same roof to be both old and damaged. Both problems require correction or repair, but a damaged roof is more likely to have problems needing immediate work.

Roofing Contractors

A number of things can cause roof damage

The most common cause of roof damage is hail and strong winds. Along with the strong winds, flying debris can crash into the roof and cause harm to the roofing materials. While rain can cause damage in severe instances, usually rain only highlights damage that was already present. Fire, lightning, vandalism, and a few more destructive acts may result in damage to the roof.

You must be on the roof to adequately assess hail damage

Because hail often creates small dents or cracks in shingles or other roofing materials, they are not always readily able to be seen from the ground. A careful inspection of the roof will yield the proof of hail damage. When doing an inspection for this type of damage, look for marks and dents on many shingles all over the roof. Do not overlook cracked tabs on the shingles that are caused by the hail. On other types of roofs, you may need to check for cracks or holes caused by the impact of hail stones. On a metal roof, the dents should appear in much the same way as they do on cars.

Wind damage can frequently be seen from the ground

Because strong winds will often break off tabs or blow off shingles, this is readily detectable from the ground. You will be able to see pieces of shingles or roofing material on the ground. Missing shingles or tiles can be noted by doing a careful inspection with the naked eye. It is still a good idea to get on the roof to get a more accurate picture of the extent of the damage. Try to spot places where the wind has raised pieces of the roofing material and caused it to curl, also.

Fire damage may not always be obvious

Because the heat from a nearby fire can reach a roof without causing flames, the damage may be more difficult to see. Start by looking for obvious signs such as scorch marks on the roof. Look carefully for areas where the shingle or roofing material may have changed its look or consistency. Sometimes this may indicate that melting has happened. When fire damage is seen on a roof, the damaged material should be removed to allow for a detailed look at the wood or metal underneath.

The roof consists of more than just the metal, tiles, or shingles that cover it

The supporting structure of the roof should be considered when looking for severe roof damage. The excessive weight put on a roof by a large snow or ice storm can cause damage to the trusses. To inspect for this type of damage, you will have to climb into the attic and look at the structures themselves. Look for cracked boards or sagging supports. Also use a good light and inspect the underside of the roof decking for water damage or weakened materials.

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